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FREE £400 daily cash prize draw

Free Postcode Lottery is a fun competition that’s been running daily since 2011. MSE’s deals team are big fans, and the jackpot’s now £400 a day (it was previously £300).

How does it work?

Simply register your email address and postcode (over-18s only) online at Free Postcode Lottery, where a registered postcode is selected randomly at 12 noon each day for the £400 jackpot. You’ll have to check online before noon the following day to claim it – the prize goes up by £400 each day it’s unclaimed and the pot is split if multiple winners with the same postcode claim.

The biggest prize claimed since the site started is £2,400. You get a bonus of 1p every day you check the site, which is added to your winnings (if you’re ever lucky enough).

How do I collect any winnings?

If you win the main draw (ie, your postcode comes up and you check the site that day), a large “collect” button will appear on the screen. Simply press the button and your winnings can be paid into a PayPal account, or you can opt for an Amazon gift card instead.

You also have the option to “double donate” your winnings to a charity.

Will I get spammed?

You automatically get opted in to receive a daily reminder, but you can unsubscribe at any time (click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email). And you can leave the lottery at any time via this unsubscribe link.

Links to other sites (surveys, competitions, and charities) and user comments that appear on Free Postcode Lottery are all checked before they appear. Even so, it’s always worth checking sites before entering any details and reading the full T&Cs for yourself.

How does it make money?

Free Postcode Lottery is funded by ads, which appear all over the site, along with links to other freebies and surveys. You don’t have to click them, they make it money just by being there.

The site’s owner, Chris Holbrook, has assured us that your email address will NEVER be passed on to any third parties and you won’t ever be required to enter your card details.

Are there any other free lotteries I can play?

While Free Postcode Lottery’s the biggest, there are other free lotteries you can play to win free cash – though remember not all sites promising ‘free money’ are legitimate.

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